TOKTW 2016

Name of your host: Jason Weber                   Relation to you: Dad
1. What is your job title?

President and C.E.O. of Alianza Minerals
2. What is your job description?
being the face of the company, he is responsible for strategic direction and execution of the company business plan
3. What are the duties and/or tasks you perform at your job?
Public Relations, Strategic planning overseeing the company’s exploration plan
4. What qualifications do you have for this job in the following areas:
a) training?

Fieldwork and Public Speaking
b) education?
bachelors science degree (geology) Professional Geo-scientist of British Columbia
c) experience?
Fieldwork, management of human resources, non-profit charity volunteer work
d) skills and attributes (personal qualities)?
public speaking, sales, teaching, communications
5. What are some of the things you like about the job?
its very interesting, and he gets to meet lots of different people and go to cool places (Peru)
6. What are some of the things you dislike about this job?
the stress of everyone relying on you
7. How do you anticipate this job changing in the next 5 years or so?
as the mining industry changes there can be more activity and more money circulating around the industry

Student Reflections:
1. Give three reasons why you would like this job (be specific):
a) I would get to go to Peru multiple times a year for on-site overseeing
b) I would get to meet lots of interesting people
c) it would be cool to check out the machinery and mineral cores
2. Give three reasons why you would not like this job (be specific):
a) the various speeches he i would have to give
b) the stress of everyone looking up to me
c) how boring it would get during the office days
3. Is this job for you? Why or why not?
No, I have never really been interested in geology and I’m kind of shy and get nervous around new people. this job requires to things I need to practice. public speaking and meeting new people.
4. Explain the value of the TOKTW experience in relation to your ideas about your post secondary (after high school) plans (education?, training?, travel?, work?). it allows you to see how the working world is and gets you thinking of what you want to do when you graduate high school or graduate from post-secondary.


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