Digital Footprint

my digital footprint is very important for the future. employers will often look at potential employees’ digital footprint to see what’s on the internet about them if they like what they see then they may hire you. but if they see you drunk at a

Foot backgroundcollage party then they probably won’t hire you. another example is if you are running for a government position, then the media will google you and try to find something interesting to exploit you, ruining your chance at a great job.



an example of what happens at Morden day job interviews when your digital footprint isn’t maintained. you can lose jobs university applications, and other business opportunities from a bad digital footprint.

To prevent this from happing, here are a few ways you can keep your digital footprint safe


do you really think that it was a good idea to post about that time you cheated on a test or bullied someone? no! even if you did do those things then you defiantly shouldn’t post them online. make sure what you post doesn’t diminish your reputationman-thinking-about-computer-problem or make you look bad. make sure no personal information is visible either.

#2 use privacy settings

if you do want to post things that are personal, I.E. your new car with the licence plate, a school jacket, or just that it’s your birthday, then turn your accounts to private to help limit the amount of people that can see these things. it’s best to not post these things at all but privacy settings are a nice immediate layer off protection.

#3 plan for everything you post to be read by your future employer

don’t let what you post online to make your employer to react like this. instead hispanic-businessman-stress-laptop-holding-monitor-looking-desperate-crisis-computer-watching-online-finances-drop-down-45778197try to post things that make you look good and make people want to know you like supporting a charity receiving a reward, playing a sport (sometimes), or just having a good time with your friends. but use your judgement. if having a good time means robbing wall-mart, then its probably not a good idea to post that.


For students that come later, I find the most effective way to reach people is though live speaking or videoteen-2-boys-talking-with-books-apologetics-small. so with either one of these I would tell them, your digital footprint and reputation online is very important for your entire life. it will effect what university will accept you and who will hire you,

digital-footprintwhat jobs you will get, and who you will meet. the world has a very powerful tool. google search. and when they search your name do you think they will like what they find? if so then continue to grow your online reputation to make you look good.  if not then try to rebuild and make yourself great again. be carful who you trust and who you hang out with because if they find you with them in every Instagram photo and then they get arrested, the police might come for you. make sure you think before you post and use proper security settings and you will grow your reputation to make you look amazing.



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