About Me


Adam Jalinous About me page.


“get money, then follow your dreams”

I chose this quote because i think to follow your dreams and be happy with yourself you have to make a good start out of it. getting a good income and being successful, means working hard and sometimes, working hard to get money, is not something you always want to do.


I picked this picture because i like living a nice, beautiful, and clean life. i think to live the best life i can, is to get a good house in a good area, in my case that’s living in the mountains.



i picked “lose yourself (by EMINEM) because in his song he talks about chances and opportunities, And don’t lose your chance to make you happy. That’s a problem i had for a while, never toke my chances to make myself happy, but i am slowly starting to take my opportunities.



i chose you tube as my hyperlink because it helped me with a lot of things, such as helping by dad with the car, or how to do some coding on my laptop. another thing, is on rainy days or just when im board i watch something.