Government and Geography; Create a Country

  1. Describe the purpose of the project (ie. making connections between Government and Geography, etc.) The purpose of this project is for us to get involved and utilize what we’ve learned to create a Country. It took a lot of effort to make one, but it taught us the difficulty of creating a country.  The historical struggles people faced in the past is because of the development of a country (not all) and with a population to govern there are things that will need to change for the practicality of the Citizens. sometimes the whole political roots of a country doesn’t work as well as on paper and we had that opportunity to think in the Citizen’s shoes.


  1. What did you do, that would demonstrate your ability to accomplish the purpose (use evidence from your project)? What I did to accomplish the purpose of the assignment was to create a theoretically functioning Country with an explanation of how the systems of everything works. I created a manifesto to explain the rules of governing to the reader and where the country profits from. 


  1. What were the benefits of being able to view and peer review of other projects? How did this inform the changes you made? It helped me improve my project because the reviewer could tell me something I was missing that I was unaware of. I needed someone who could look at what I present without the knowledge that I had that wasn’t on the presentation, so when my reviewer couldn’t understand something I could fix it.


  1. What changes have you made to your project that resulted in your end product? Why have you made those changes? I was missing a lot of things that I added to make the Country realistic. more images were inserted so the reader could understand what I was saying about the country’s land. A few design changes were also done to make it more appealing.


  1. What competency does either the project or the process reflect most? Using evidence from what you have completed, how does your product or the creative process demonstrate that competency? I think of critical thinking for this project. It is important that your country functions so it would work in real life. That’s where critical thinking comes into play. You need to think as if it is a real country and add details that would help the Country prosper. Realistic rules need to be set and philosophies need to appeal to the citizens.