January 10

Friday, January 11


  1. QoD: What are you planning for your life just out of high school?
  2. Freedom 18 budget spreadsheet
    1. Must be emailed to Ms. Chapell by 10:00am in class today
  3. Add financial info to Career Path project (slide 23)
    1. Using information from your Freedom 18 project, briefly describe where you’re going to live and a summary of living expenses you’ll have (including how much they’ll cost)
    2. Keep in mind that you’ve described how to pay for your education/training on the slide before, so this slide should focus on other basic living costs you will have at the time
  4. Take home task: discuss your Freedom 18 plan with your parent/guardian and get it signed
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January 8

Wednesday, January 9


  1. Make updates to your resume and cover letter on myBlueprint (based on teacher feedback)
  2. Finish House Hunters assignment
    1. If you finish early, you can start #3 and 4 in Freedom 18
  3. Last discussion group
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