Penny Lab



This experiment investigated the cohesion and surface tension of a penny when water and soap is dropped on it. In order to study the problem we put water into a eye dropper and careful out water drops on the penny one by one. Results showed that the penny can withstand     the surface tension with just water with the average of 22 drops but soap on the other hand was different with the average of 5 drops. This proved my hypothesis accurate as the cohesion and surface tension decreased the more water was added especially with the soap because mixing the hydrogen and oxygen molecules caused the molecules to bond less. The Results with group one were similar between the averages of drops of water and soap on the penny as the differences were not the exact numbers and how fast we did each trial. To extend this experiment what if we used a bigger coin, for example a toonie. Would there be more surface tension because the coin is bigger? What if we put soda in the eye dropper instead of the water considering that soda fizzes and the cohesion of the liquid would change jurrasticly.



Float Your Boat! Science Method Project



-98 pennies were held before the boat sank.

-We all drew out ideas before assembling, Our group member Moe had a solid drawing so we took his solution and we coped with that.

-We had a solid execution with our boat “Big chungus” considering we almost made it hold 100 I feel if more time was made into it we’d pass the 100 penny mark.