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My First Wheels Project!

Core Competencies – Rube Goldburg

Self Assessment Rube Goldberg Project

Rube Goldberg Project

Machine Name: The sugar cube shooter. Steps: Step A. The lighten candle melts the string. Step B. The ball attached to the string falls. Step C. The ball hits a toy car. Step D. The toy car moves forward and… Continue Reading →

Core Competent Canadians

1. what did you know about core competencies before this activity? what did you learn? – The things I knew before we did this core competencies activity was that core competencies are things we use in our every day and… Continue Reading →

Bio Bag

Core competencies ( socials )

Health Education Unit Two

Community Connections

I interviewed my mom. she works in the health care field. I chose to interview her because I also want to work in the health care. I have learned how helping someone also can make you feel good. questions #1… Continue Reading →

Solution Fluency Project

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