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Newtons 3 Laws of Motion

All About Me Infographic

Astronomy Wonder Project

What happened before the big bang? To answer the question of what happened before the big bang, we should start with what was the big bang? The big bang is the theory on how the universe began. It says the… Continue Reading →

House Hunters

My First Wheels Project!

Core Competencies – Rube Goldburg

Self Assessment Rube Goldberg Project

Rube Goldberg Project

Machine Name: The sugar cube shooter. Steps: Step A. The lighten candle melts the string. Step B. The ball attached to the string falls. Step C. The ball hits a toy car. Step D. The toy car moves forward and… Continue Reading →

Core Competent Canadians

1. what did you know about core competencies before this activity? what did you learn? – The things I knew before we did this core competencies activity was that core competencies are things we use in our every day and… Continue Reading →

Bio Bag

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