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Pre Calculus 11 Unit 4 Summary: Quadratic Functions

One of the main concepts presented in this unit ….

A Little About My Experience Hello, my name is Abigail Delaney. I have two dogs one is named Ally and one is named Bella. Having dogs changed my life for the better. My dogs bring joy and love every time… Continue Reading →

Core Competence – Social Justice 12

Thermos Challenge

Self – Assesment thermos challenge

Exploring Waves Lab

Physics 11 – Exploring Waves

Exploring Waves Lab

Thermos Challenge

Core competencies ( socials )

Community Connections

I interviewed my mom. she works in the health care field. I chose to interview her because I also want to work in the health care. I have learned how helping someone also can make you feel good. questions #1… Continue Reading →

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