What happened before the big bang?

To answer the question of what happened before the big bang, we should start with what was the big bang? The big bang is the theory on how the universe began. It says the universe we know today, it started with a small singularity then evolved over the next 13.8 billion years to the universe we know today. But what happened before the big bang?

There is no answer because we just don’t know, but there are many theories.

One theory was developed by Stephen hawking. Stephen hawking says “the universe was inside a single atom. A subatomic ball of everything known as the singularity inside this extremely small massively dense speck of heat and energy, the laws of physics and time did not exist before the universe started to expand.” His theory talks about how time didn’t exist before the universe started to expand but time shrinks as the universe becomes tinier, never actually reaching a starting point. Hawking said, “before the big bang time was bent, it was always reaching closer to nothing but didn’t become nothing”. “there was never a big bang that produced something from nothing. It just seems that way from mankind’s point of view”. He talks about the no boundary proposal, where time and space are infinite and they don’t have any boundaries, starting points, or an ending point. Stephen hawking shared this theory on the geographic show called star talk in 2018.(1)

Another theory is that the big bang was the moment of symmetry not the beginning. The theory says that there was an identical universe with entropy increasing towards the past instead of the future. Entropy is thermodynamic quantity representing the unavailability of a systems thermal energy, it is often interpreted as the degree of randomness or disorder of a system. The increase on entropy or the increase in disorder in a system is the arrow in time. In the identical universe time would run opposite to our universe which would put our universe in the past. It also says other components of our universe would be the opposite in the mirror universe. physicist David Sloan wrote in the university of oxford science blog “asymmetries in molecules and ions would be in opposite orientations to what they are in our universe.” His article refers to a mirror universe that has slight and interesting differences.(2)

The final theory I found talks about the big bounce, instead of the big bang. It proposes the idea of multiple universes evolving over time. Roger Penrose says, “our big bang may have been just a “bounce”. It talks about a transition from an earlier, collapsing universe that expanded into our universe.(3) This theory was supported by another theory by Paul Steinhardt and Neil Turok. Their theory states that our universe is one of many. It says the universes exists alongside each other in a higher dimensional realm. Their theory says that universes collided with each other and every collision was like a new big bang. This theory is talking about universes colliding and becoming one big universe, the universe we know today.(4)

The video I have chosen to use talks about all of the theories I have shared with you. This video explains the theory Stephen hawking talks about and the theory of there being mirror universes.

The image above is related to Stephen hawking theory about our Universe starting as an atom , small and then expanding into the universe we know today. In the image you can see at the beginning there is nothing but a small atom and as it expands it gets bigger and bigger. I chose this image because I believe it helps explain theory. it also supports the theory and allows you to visually see the theory.

There are many more theories about what happened before the big bang. What do I think happened? I believe the most accurate theory is the first theory I shared. Even though it’s hard to image nothing and then bang everything. I believe this is the most possible answer because I think it is the most logical explanation so far. I still don’t believe in this theory one hundred percent but right now, it is the most logical one to me so far there for I agree with it. I also have a question expanding my initial question of what happened before the big bang, And the first theory, like why did the atom explode in the first place and how did everything we know today get stored inside this tiny atom? Even though there is no answer these theories all are different, but all make sense in different ways. Hopefully in the future there will be a defendant answer to my question and hopefully we have actual proof of one of these theories.




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