Machine Name: The sugar cube shooter.

Step A. The lighten candle melts the string.
Step B. The ball attached to the string falls.
Step C. The ball hits a toy car.
Step D. The toy car moves forward and hits a ball off an edge.
Step E. They ball hits the tape and bounces hitting the stick.
Step F. Then the sugar cube shoots into the cup

Energy types:
Thermal- The candle heating the string.
Light- The candle produces light.
elastic- The ball bouncing on table.
Mechanical-The car rolling to ball.
Gravitational- The ball falling of the ledge.

Energy Transformations:
Convection- Heat rises from flame to reach the piece of string.
Radiation- Heat waves are transferred from flame to string.
Conduction- Car transfers energy to ball when hitting it.

Self Assessment: