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Health Unit #1

How has Unit #1 caused me to assess my current state of health?

Unit #1 has assessed me by me telling my opinion about the topic we are speaking and shows my personal health  compared to the topic and relating a little and it causes me to share my thoughts private as to speaking out loud to the whole class and being scared about what people are going to say. And it also caused me to assess my state of health because your health is important and its super important to be healthy and to be safe!

Digital footprint!

Digital footprint!

1- How might your digital footprint might affect your future opportunities.

Your digital footprint can effect you in many ways,what you post can ruin your reputation a little bit and also making friends with people can make it hard and can cause people to gossip and talk about your posts and the information that was found on your digital footprint and stuff can be posted onto different social medias even if the stuff was deleted. Another example is on your digital footprint there could be good stuff and good stuff and sometimes you don’t even think of and what is on your digital footprint,what also can affect your future opportunities in making money because of what the content was found on your digital footprint and also getting into classes such as university college and also to be aware that anything you post is going to be public and be aware that some people can have negative feedback and some people can have positive feedback.

2-Describe at least 3 strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

To make your digital footprint safe and secure is to insure that no personal information is shared and brought into the social media world,and to make sure to post appropriate content and to do non troubling things.Another example is try to not overshare personal issues that should be only told to close friends and family to insure you have close people to talk too. Always make sure to keep your passwords hidden and safe for them not to be seen,also to keep things you don’t want to be seen private and hidden and always remembering to be cautious of how people will react.

3- What information did you learn that you would pass on to other students how would you go about telling them.

To be honest the information I would pass on to the students that haven’t learned about this yet would be to be careful on what you post on the internet and to always make sure private things shouldn’t be posted unless your wanting people to see it,don’t post it if you are unsure about the content.Your digital footprint is public if wanting to be so always remember you have a choice and that choice is something that can face serious consequences!

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